The Stop​-​gap E​.​P. (Free Download)

by Owen Duff

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released February 18, 2008



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Owen Duff London, UK

Owen Duff sings, plays piano, guitar, ukulele and percussion; writes, records, produces and makes videos. Since 2009 Owen has been hiding his music in cities around the world, bringing together his love of music, conceptual art, immersive theatre and Paul Auster novels. His next release will be the EP 'Realityicide' in winter 2011. ... more

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Track Name: A Boundary
I always get tired
Around this corner of the day
I begin to drop
Into the darkness from the stage
But the play goes on without me
The players forget about me
As my dreams lift me out of the stream

Time loses its fragile grip on
Space where I once was
I fall through a meta-world
Ecstatic now because
My mind knows my heart completely
Every memory marches sweetly
Hand in hand with where I will land

I awoke awake
And all the time seems strangely bent
'Though I've been away for years
There's twenty minutes spent
And that's proof of our existence
Imposing with insistence
A boundary
On what we see
Track Name: Ukulele Song
You kissed my scalp
I traversed barriers
Descended the escalator
Two steps at a time
(That's not possible)
Well that's what it felt like
I studied the lines
Considered all to be possible
You seemed special in your way
I let myself be taken right in
And when I heard about your new friend
I felt left out

And memories
Buried deeper than I was that night
Began their ascent
Track Name: This Song
Used to be
Music made you feel better
A ringing bell
A carousel you could
Bliss into
You'd roll along
Your soul a song
Perpetually together
A medicine wheel that was
Healing you

But this song
This song
It's the finger now held
Halted on the glass
This song
This song
Is a snake coiled in the grass
That lets go of itself
Just to bite you
When you ask it for a kiss
This song

A bloke I know
Walked around the globe
And couldn't find where he started
A bird I heard
Flew against the world and hung
Still in space
The lunar tithe
Of moon on tide
Stops when the sea is parted
The revolution cannot find the right
Time and place

And this song
This song
It's the finger now held
Halted on the glass
This song
This song
Is a snake coiled in the grass
That lets go of itself
Just to bite you
When you ask it for a kiss
This song

The clocks have stopped
The seasons are not
Any more
And you're a poor one for you're tethered
Like a bird to heavy feathers
To music that does not make you feel
Any more
Track Name: Beyond the Valley Lies the Mountain
Where did he go?
He had me held close
I fell asleep
Stood on my feet
He had gone when I woke

I'll be lonesome
I'll miss him so much
I could die in
The space between
Our last and first touch

I never knew
The world could turn upside-down
Never knew a boy could drown
Looking at the sky

When up's above
The world hates our love
We turn it here
Upon its ear
This world loves us

But when we part
It hits me so hard
There is nowhere
Once we're down there
To be what we are

I never knew
The world could turn upside down
Never knew two boys could drown
Looking at the sky
And the mountain
Once our Eden
Was deceiving
It's a rock
To drag us down
To the deepest floor
As a lock turned by kisses
Can open the door
To the freest love
We'll ever know
Track Name: Sepulchre
A tunnel
Closing in
A carriage
Rocking you to sleep
A sepulchre of slumber
But the doors of feeling
A station
At twilight
A new sight
Consires to give you hope
'Though the chances seem remote
You feel you've found your home
And you alight
And standing on the platform
You begin to weep your tiny heart out
Because what is felt inside you can never ever be touched
No matter where you clutch
And home is nowhere
Nowhere that you look
Track Name: Constellation
O constellation
There's no consolation for life
Like that star-spangled Blackness
Above us
Something must love us!
It fit that reeling ceiling

Each feeling is wired to a stellar bulb
And out sprouts bright recall to make your heart full
So when forest green
Comes to mean so much more
Than just trees you'll see
It's part of the firmament of memory
Leaves on a solar breeze
Memories like stars