Victoria Park Improvisations (piano​/​voice​/​electronics)

by Owen Duff

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A set of piano and voice improvisations based on pre-written lyrics about loss, love, darkness and death.


released December 12, 2015

Music and words by Owen Duff.




Owen Duff London, UK

Owen Duff sings, plays piano, guitar, ukulele and percussion; writes, records, produces and makes videos. Since 2009 Owen has been hiding his music in cities around the world, bringing together his love of music, conceptual art, immersive theatre and Paul Auster novels. His next release will be the EP 'Realityicide' in winter 2011. ... more

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Track Name: The Lonely Lake Of Your Life
Look at the lonely lake of your life
No inlet
No estuary
No rainfall to fill it
No God to will it
Or explain the mystery
Of your life
Track Name: Night Always Comes
Someone always has to be where you are
You flick the switch
Ditch the cloaking gloom
The threads of night skitter off the loom
As you kiss the cloth
Nose up and under
And push it off
But night always comes
Its silent slick tongue
There at the window
Licking the light out of our lives
Track Name: This Is How You Grieve
You close a door
And your knees undo
And your legs fail you
And you head for the floor
You produce a roar
Like animals do
A sound that's new
You never heard it before
You paw at your stomach
You struggle to breathe
You mouth "no no no"
This is how you grieve
Track Name: Was I your World?
I remember breaths like tiny helicopters circling my skin
I still feel flotilla fingers sailing the sallow streams of my arms

Was I your world?

Your mouth was a cloud from which words dropped like rain
In dry plains of my brain you caused great thoughts to grow

Why did you have to go?
Track Name: Nothing Can Replace What's Lost To You
Nothing can replace the one that's gone
Nothing can replace what's lost to you
Track Name: In Grief, In Sadness
In grief
In sadness
In pain
In my arms
I'm so
I'm so
I'm so sorry